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Terminator 5 Genisys T5 New Black Faux Leather Jacket


Terminator Genisys T5 New Slim fit Genuine Black Faux Leather Jacket for just $99.99 Only

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Terminator Genisys T5 New Slim fit Faux Leather Jacket


For all you Sci-fi addicts, the ones who love robots, and also for people who are mesmerized by the roar of that new bike, we bring to you Terminator 5 Leather Jacket to bring out the Terminator in you. This new super cool leather Jacket from our latest Men’s Jacket Collection is made of highest quality Faux leather that looks exactly like the leather jacket worn by Arnold. Do you remember, Arnold wearing the Black Leather Jacket with that ragged look with pistol in his hand? Well he is back in 2015 and so is his fashion statement! We all know how Arnold Schwarzenegger looks when he wears it, and we know it’s been your dream to be on that bike in his place. Well here is your chance to be like him and look like him with this faux leather jacket.

The latest Terminator film is the 5th edition of the series. After Marcus Wright (A medical research subject for Skynet) helps John Conner (Leading the Resistance against the war machines) to destroy the Skynet base and battling the new Terminator model. Marcus sacrifices himself and offers his heart for a transplant to John. In this edition John with his quest is almost going to win the war. All that is now needed is to fight in both the future and the past. So, he sends his best comrade Kyle Reese to the past to fight. Unfortunately Kyle’s past has been changed and he needs to save his love Sarah. Now there he finds the Terminator (Arnold) to his help. Now Kyle and Sarah have to battle the new Terminator models with the old T-800 model. Will they win and save the word? Hold on to that for Terminator Genisys getting released on July 1st 2015.

This Biker Leather Jacket flaunts diamond patterned stitching on the shoulders which adds to its more masculine look. The collared high zipper with two zippered pockets on either chest give it a classy look and the two waist belt straps give it the jacket its casual effect. Made from pure and finest quality leather, this Faux Leather Jacket is a must have for all the bikers in the town. And well for Terminator followers, this could be the new addition to your collection!

We are more than happy to make a customized leather jacket for you, should you not find the jacket of your size. Each jacket is hand crafted by our expert leather jacket tailors who hold years of experience in crafting jackets with precision and finesse.


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Terminator 5 Black Biker Leather Jacket 5

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