Furious 7 New Dominic Toretto Black Leather Jacket


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Furious 7 New Dominic Toretto Black Leather Jacket


Furious 7 Dominic Toretto Slim fit Genuine Black Leather Jacket for $ 174.99 Only/-

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Furious 7 New Dominic Toretto Black Leather Jacket


Does speed and thrill excite you? Does the sound of the engine blow your mind away? Does ‘what’s under that hood’ mean anything to you? Do you just love it when your speedometer touches a 150 miles an hour? If yes, then get ready to experience all this with Dominic Toretto Fast and Furious 7 leather jacket. Presenting to you in our Men’s Leather Jacket collection, the Dominic Torreto jacket from his 7th edition of the Fast and furious franchise the FURIOUS 7 for all you people who like to get some style on the street.

In the Furious 7, sequel to the movie Fast and Furious 6, after Owen Shaw and his team (you remember the aero plane scene!!!) is destroyed, Dom (Dominic) with Brian O’Conner and his ‘family’ returns to the US to live a happy and peaceful life. In the meantime Owen Shaw’s elder brother Ian (Jason Statham) hears about his brother’s death, and now he is after Dom. Dom also finds out about his friend Han’s death, and reaches Tokyo. This film is a sequel to the Tokyo Drift. Will Dom find Han’s Killer or will Ian kill him first. This is also Paul Walkers last flick (RIP Paul). We will watch out for that on April 3rd.

This Genuine Black Leather Jacket crafted out of pure, genuine leather is the new fashion piece you must have in your wardrobe. The jacket has been given a rugged look (We know how you drivers like it). Though having a simple design, it has its own style with up neck zipper and two vertical cut pockets along with two nice clean horizontal cut chest pockets. This slimfit leather jacket is made to give you the slim body shape look that leans your body and gives it a sexy look. Well let’s just say that the sound of your car isn’t the only thing that’s going to get the heads turning and knees bending as there is this genuine leather jacket that will make heads turn too!

Each leather jacket is hand crafted by our expert craftsmen who have years of experience in making strong and rugged jacket for rough use that lasts for many seasons. Each jacket is strongly stitched at the seams for longevity. We highly recommend that you check for your size while you order one for yourself. These jackets can also be custom made to suit your needs.

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